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What It’s Like to be Black & French in America

Torn between the American Dream and institutionalized racism, these Black French expats tell their story.

A Sign of Changing Times, ‘Le modèle noir’ at the Musée...

"Le modèle noir" is the first exhibition by a major French art institution broaching the topic of the representation of black people in France in art.

Why French and Americans Can’t Understand Each Others’ Perspective on Race

French Ambassador Gerard Araud and South African "The Daily Host" feud over race and racism in France.

Why France Doesn’t Celebrate Black History Month

What France does (and doesn't do) to remember and honor the legacy of slavery and slave trade.

“When Will France Have Its Barack Obama?”

The best quotes from a great discussion on race and racism in France.

Racism in France: It’s Not About Skin Color

Slimane Zeghidour, journalist and writer, specialist of the islamic world, was in Los Angeles, invited by the Alliance Francaise. French Morning asked him to help us understand what discrimination looks like in France.

My Divided Loyalty

Alsace-based contributor Crystal J. Black explains what it's like to be African American in France.

WATCH: Being Black and Female in France

Black French culture, "bande de filles", afrofuturism, fatou, sisterhood & more

The YouTube Series “Flâner” Brings #Blacklivesmatter to Paris

Kévi explains what it's like to be black and French, and talks about growing up in Martinique.
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