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Beyond Brioche: Beignet Français

Don’t you dare call them doughnuts.

Beyond Brioche: The Galette des Rois

♫ We three kings ♫ were baked in your cake ♫

Beyond Brioche: The History and Tradition of La Bûche de Noël

Why in the world would anyone bite into a dessert that looks like a log?

Beyond Brioche: The Tasty Peaks of Mont Blanc

Among the wintry classics of French pastries stands this favorite, so poetic it's a cult favorite in Japan, so majestic it evokes its mountainous namesake.

Beyond Brioche: the Art of the Tarte

Making a tarte at home? Some pâtisseries can help (if you know what to ask for).

Beyond Brioche: Pucker up for Lemon Meringue Tart

Every month, follow French Morning as we discover some of France's favorite pastries (and where to buy them).
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