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Carreau Club: Two Americans open a Pétanque Bar in Brooklyn

"It's the ideal sport for people who work in the restaurant business, who need to take the pressure off after a shift.”

How Americans Invented the Classic Parisian Cocktail

Famous American and British bartenders like Harry MacElhone turned the cocktail from a foreign import to a national treasure in France.

9 Instagrammable French Bars and Restaurants in New York

Whether you're opting for a bistro or brunch, these NYC spots will look stunning on your Insta page.

7 Places to Dance with French People in Brooklyn

From cocktails with jazz to an all-night rager, these are the spots for mingling with Brooklyn's French.

5 Unique Theme Bars to Check Out in Montreal

Skip the boring old brasserie and try one of these unique bars.

All The Vocab You Need for a Night Out in France

Never again stumble when ordering a beer at a French bar with this vocab cheat sheet.

From Speakeasies to Clubs, Where to Go Out in Paris

Find yourself on a boat, in New Orleans, or the 1920s... without ever leaving Paris.

5 Places to Drink Vin Chaud in New York City

Whether you call it mulled wine or vin chaud, or any other name, this hot alcoholic beverage is delicious.

Meet Anderson Cooper’s Adorable French Partner

Anderson Cooper's cool French partner keeps a pretty low profile.

8 Places to Drink Rosé in NYC

Show off your abilité to be très sophistiqué.
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