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5 Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Paris

Ranging from tourist trap to totally authentic, there are plenty of Irish bars in Paris to celebrate St. Patricks Day.

Cocktail Week in Paris is Back!

Whiskey, wine, and White Russians all week long.

3 Bars Real Parisians Go To

The "real" Paris isn't all about traditional French heritage.

3 Best Rooftop and Balcony Bars in Paris

Make the most of Spring in Paris at these beloved balcony spots

8 Restaurants for Homesick Americans in Paris

You moved to Paris to eat unpasteurized Camembert, drink vin de table and read Le Figaro, but when homesickness strikes, all that will satisfy...

A Bar Map of the Paris Métro

The search for a more perfect map.

6 Lost Generation Bars That Are Lost

Many American writers aspire to the heights of the Lost Generation, but the dream of a 1920s Montparnasse is just that: a dream, and one a century removed.

Drink Up without Going Hungry at Le Mary Celeste

Our recommendation? Try everything on the menu.
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