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Comforts, Cocktails, and Little Luxuries at Hôtel Parister

This hotel cinched a spot on Condé Nast's covetable list of hot new hotels in 2018.

7 Best Rooftop Bars in Paris

Rosé just doesn't taste as good if you're not watching a sunset while you're drinking it.

5 Hipster Places in Paris for Living Your Best Artisanal Life

The epidemic is spreading. Not even Paris is invulnerable to: the hipsters.

From Speakeasies to Clubs, Where to Go Out in Paris

Find yourself on a boat, in New Orleans, or the 1920s... without ever leaving Paris.

9 Essential Apps for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip...

Leave the bags of books at home, your trip to Paris is going to get a lot easier.

Paris Cocktail Week returns January 20-27

A week of discounts of delicious drinks custom-made for the occasion.

Seeking Expats: Where to Find Today’s Lost Generation in Paris

How to get in with the artist expat community in Paris in only a week.

What It’s Like To Stay at Paris’ Ritziest Hotel

This is French travel like you've never seen it before--and may never see again.

How to Make a Parisian Sunset Cocktail

Drinking a Parisian Sunset while watching a Parisian sunset? Just another day at rooftop bar Le Perchoir.

Absinthe Cocktails Inspired by the Six Coolest Bars in Paris

Learn how to make one of La Fée Verte's famous absinthe cocktails in this video.
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