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Here’s Where to Get the Official Best Baguette in Paris

Paris is full of baguettes, most of them exquisite. But who doesn’t want to eat the best one? On March 5, Maison Julien, Les saveurs...

7 Instagrammable Bakeries in Montreal

You'll want to check out these Montreal bakeries on your next trip.

Is France Having a Bread Crisis?

Bread consumption in France is on the decline, according to the National Association of French Millers.

This Is Where To Get The Official Best Baguette In Paris

The best baguette in Paris was crowned by the city of Paris on April 19.

What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Boulangerie

Whether it's starting working at 16 or at 4 in the morning, French bakers, like their breads, are early risers.

The Husband and Wife Duo that Make the Best Baguettes in...

Ever wonder how the best French chefs make their baguettes so tasty? Take a peek inside Clafoutis.

Why Is French Bread So Good?

French bread is perfect. Period. End of story. Everyone knows it, but people tend not to know why.

How to Make Baguette with Julia Child

The American chef shows us how to make delicious French bread on her show The French Chef!

A Guide to French Bakeries

Everything you need to know about French bread: Where to find the best bread and pastries, how to order, and when to eat.
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