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The Most Underrated Museums in France

“It’s an eclectic museum because of its various donations and donors. Each collection reflects the taste of the person who bequeathed it.”

Are French Bulldogs Really French?

There's a lot in a name, especially when it comes to Frenchies.

The Post-Impressionist French Artists Les Nabis are on Display at The...

At the end of the 19th century, Impressionism ran out of steam and gave way to a variety of different styles. The Phillips Collection...

Discover Swiss-French Painter Félix Vallotton at the Met this Fall

The famous painter and printmaker will have 80 of his best works on display at the Met this fall.

Jeff Koons Unveils His Controversial Tribute to Paris: “I Gave My...

The controversy-creating sculpture by famous American artist Jeff Koons was finally revealed on October 4.

The French-American Arts are Featured in Brooklyn Falls for France

A festival of French-American arts arrives in Brooklyn this fall.

Isabelle Adjani and Peter Brook Will Be Featured at Crossing the...

The interdisciplinary arts festival Crossing the Line returns to the New York from September 12 to October 12.

Contentious Jeff Koons Sculpture Honoring Paris Terrorist Attack Victims Finally Arrives...

American artist Jeff Koons offered Paris one of his signature sculptures but city wasn't sure if it wanted the piece.

Back by Popular Demand, Klimt Returns to the Atelier des Lumières

The digital museum's inaugural show is so popular, it's coming back for 29 more shows.

Fires and Floods: Is France Ready to Save Its Cultural Heritage?

The fire at Notre-Dame was a reality check: France isn't prepared to save its own cultural heritage.
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