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Visit the Notre Dame Using VR

This French tech company is using VR to help reconstruct the Notre Dame.

Have You Seen France’s Most Bubbly Villa, Palais Bulles?

Pierre Cardin's Palais Bulles is a pure surrealist architectural dream with its bubble domes and futuristic facade.

The Notre Dame de Paris is Looking for a Savior

Paris's most famous cathedral needs a facelift... but who's going to pay for it?

11 Most Haunted Places in France

France has a pretty bloody history. It's bound to have a few ghosts.

Notre Dame Light Show Commemorates WWI

Watch this incredible light show tell the dramatic 850-year history of Paris's most famous cathedral.

Why Do Americans Call Double Doors “French Doors”?

Have you ever wondered why Americans call double doors "french doors?" So have we.

Archeologists Race Builders to Save Roman Ruins

Archeologists struggle to complete a crucial excavation near Lyon before builders resume their construction permits.

Building A Medieval Castle… The Old Fashioned Way

These French builders are carving a medieval castle using medieval building techniques.

WATCH: Tour Pierre Cardin’s Famous “Bubble Palace”

Looking for a new house? Pierre Cardin's Bubble Palace is on the market.

New Paris Philharmonic is (Finally) Open

Another reason to discover oft-overlooked Eastern Paris.
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