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New York City Municipal Council Hears Arguments For and Against Foie...

A proposed bill banning foie gras in New York was argued in a municipal hearing this week.

More Than 1,000 Dolphins Have Washed Up On French Beaches

French dolphins are dying... and bouillabaisse could be to blame.

In Paris, Rats Outnumber People Two-to-One

These little critters are taking over Paris. And they won't go away any time soon.

This French Theme Park Trained Crows to Clean Up Trash

Check out these amazing crow vending machines. All you need? A stray cigarette butt.

6 Farms Near Paris to Visit When You Want to Escape...

Being in Paris can feel like a lot sometimes. Here are 6 beautiful farms and gardens to visit when you want to get out of the city.

How to Take Your Dog to France

Yes, you can enjoy France with your dog, and it's not as hard as you probably think it is!

First Ever Birth of Rare Giant Panda in France

Baby pandas aren't as cute as one would expect.

Your Daily Cute Video: Three Baby Lynxes Born in Paris Zoo

Three baby lynxes, which are endangered, were born in the Paris zoo in May.

France Bans Breeding of Dolphins and Whales in Captivity

France bans breeding dolphins and whales in captivity, and promises to do a lot more in the future.
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