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Nicolas Sarkozy Will Be Signing Books at Albertine on November 19

The former French president will be signing his bestselling book "Passions."

A French-American Discussion on Patriotism vs. Nationalism

The French bookstore Albertine is hosting a French-American talk about patriotism and nationalism.

Albertine Awards its Annual Prize at June 6th Ceremony

Albertine Books will be hosting an award ceremony to celebrate the winning author of the Albertine Prize.

Albertine Relaunches its Book Club

The French bookstore on the Upper East Side in New York relaunches its monthly book club.

Regards Croisés, A Discussion on French & American Fashion at Albertine

We love French fashion, but does France love American fashion? Discuss.

The Perfect French-Themed Day in NYC

It's like being in Paris! Kind of... well, it's close enough on short notice.

“When Will France Have Its Barack Obama?”

The best quotes from a great discussion on race and racism in France.

Festival Albertine Returns November 2nd-6th

Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Simon and more explore issues of race, art, and identity in France and the US.

New York Regains a French Bookstore

The French bookstore Albertine will open on September 27 on the Upper East Side. It's the first French bookstore to open since La Librairie de France at Rockefeller Center.

French Books Don’t Sell? Au Contraire!

French Morning recently ran a blurb referring to a BBC article "Why don't French Books Sell Abroad," whose title says it all… or nearly. Laurence Marie of the French Embassy says "Au contraire".
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