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French Bee Will Launch a New York-Paris Route on June 10

The low-cost French airline already has direct flights between Paris and five other locations. New York will be the sixth.

Who Profits from the End of XL Airways and Aigle Azur?

Two low-cost French airlines shuttered in quick succession. Who stands to benefit the most?

XL Airways is Finished

The low-cost French airline is pronounced finished by a French judge.

XL Airways Suspends Its Operations, Abruptly Cancels Flights

The low-cost airline is cancelling flights from September 30 to October 3.

XL Airways Abruptly Stops Selling Tickets and Warns of Cancellations

Though XL Airways hasn't official been shut-down, the low-cost airline filed for bankruptcy.

Corsair Will Offer a New Paris-New York Route Starting in Summer...

Another option will become available to get the best timed flight for the best price out of New York.

United Airlines Will Launch a Nice-New York Flight in Summer 2020

United will be the third airline to offer a direct route to Nice from New York.

Norwegian Will Offer a New Paris-San Francisco Flight this Fall

Good news for San Francisco residents: you've got a new affordable option to get to Paris.

The Three Best Places to Eat in Charles de Gaulle Airport

CDG has three restaurants led by chefs with Michelin stars.

Transatlantic Low-Cost Flights: After an Impressive Takeoff, Now Comes the Descent

Two low-cost airlines failed in the last 6 months. What does that mean for the industry at large?
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