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Paris Joins In Worldwide Women’s March

Several thousand women marched in Paris on Saturday as part of the worldwide Women's March movement.

French Fears Over Trump Presidency

America isn't the only country affected by Trump's presidency. What will happen with our longterm ally?

Fashion, French Values, and Melania Trump

Sophie Theallet has refused to design for Melania Trump. Why is she the only designer to do so?

Watch: President Hollande Reacts To U.S. Election

President François Hollande says Trump's win "opens up a period of uncertainty."

What Do The French Think Of The U.S. Election?

The French are just as worried as Americans are about the upcoming presidential election.

Why French People are Obsessed with the American Election

Americans aren't the only ones who care about the U.S. elections.

Why Is Hillary Unpopular…in France?

"Anything is better than Clinton", according to French presidential forerunner Marine Le Pen.

French President François Hollande Slams Donald Trump

President Hollande is not a fan of our Republican presidential nominee...

Jean-Marie Le Pen Endorses Donald Trump

Chris Christie, David Duke, and now Le Pen have recently endorsed the Republican candidate.
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