WATCH: Syrian Refugees Show Parisians Good Food

If there’s one thing the French love, it’s food. So what better way to break the stereotypes that the French have about refugees than to show off the amazing food that comes from the Syrian culture?

In Paris, Syrian refugees took over French restaurants during the Refugee Food Festival. This way refugees could show off their cooking talents, while French people got to try authentic Syrian food.


“We have fearmongering or sordid ideas when we talk about refugees,” said Marine Mandrila, one of the organizers of the Refugee Food Festival. “It’s important to show that they’re people like you and me.”

After the attacks in Paris and Nice, the French do not have a good outlook on incoming refugees, mostly out of fear. The Refugee Food Festival is hoping to change this stigma.

“You’re not going to find the same job that you did in your country,” said Syrian refugee Emad Shoshara. “I’m good in cooking. I have my culture, the Syrian kitchen, so I’m going to mix it with the French.”

The results were extremely positive. French people loved trying new foods such as mezze, a selection of Syrian appetizers, and much more.

Watch the video for a mouth watering look at Syrian cuisine: