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Discover Swiss-French Painter Félix Vallotton at the Met this Fall

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There’s more to French art than the Impressionists. The work of Swiss-French artist Félix Vallotton will be on display at the Met in New York in the exhibit, “Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet.” The exhibit, which opens October 29, features 80 of the artist’s works.

Vallotton, born in Switzerland, was trained in Paris and spent his adult life there working as a painter and printmaker. A witness to the radical aesthetics of late-1800s and early-1900s Paris, Vallotton used his work to lampoon and criticize Parisian society with his distinctive style. Painted in a stylistic fusion of impressionism and early modernist movements, his pieces mostly depict the streets of Paris, land and seascapes, interiors, female nudes and portraits.

The exhibit will display Picasso’s legendary portrait of Gertrude Stein beside Vallotton’s painting of the Stein. This will be the first time Picasso’s portrait of Stein, a part of the Met Collection, will be displayed.

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