How to Make Sweet & Savory Crêpes With Chef Alex

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“If food is not about sharing then I don’t know what is.”

This is the #quoteoftheday from chef Alex Gabriel, otherwise known as Alex French Guy Cooking on his popular YouTube channel. Alex’s show celebrates everything food and everything French — exactly what we here at Frenchly love, love, love.

In this video, Alex teams up with Jonny Garrett from The Craft Beer Channel in order to make some traditional, and some less-than-traditional, crêpes. These two show us the difference between the sweet crêpe and the galette, or savory crêpe. So if you want to try your hand at everyone’s favorite French street food — or maybe just ogle the crêpes Alex and Jonny make — check out this tutorial. Alex’s recipe includes an unexpected ingredient… (hint: it’s related to who Jonny Garrett works for!).

Health nuts be warned: there will be butter, and LOTS of it, so #dontfreakout. Today might just have to be your skip day.

Like what you see? Check out our other Alex French Guy Cooking videos here. And if you want to simplify the whole thing, check out Francine’s crêpe mix, available in Le Marché here.

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