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Stunning Drone Tour of the Val de Loire Region

A long bridge over a body of water

Walking tours are cool, but drone tours are breathtaking. 

While Amazon works on delivering your packages with drones, tourism offices work on delivering you the most aesthetically pleasing aerial tours possible. And wow did they deliver with this tour of France’s Val de Loire region, best known for its wine and grand châteaux.

Directed by Olivier Savoie, the video sweeps across landscapes, pans over tiny villages, follows the Loire river upstream, and (most dramatically) weaves through and rises above the most famous châteaux: Villandry, Chambord, Chenonceau, and more. Once you see a drone tour, you’ll never go back to watching shaky walking tours again.

Set your phone or computer to full screen and enjoy. (And yes, we agree, the dramatic music is a bit cheesy!)

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