Studying Abroad in France? Here’s What NOT To Do

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Studying abroad in France is life changing for the people you meet, the things that you learn, and the cultural changes you experience along the way.

And when you’re walking around the streets of Paris with a group of American college students, you realize that there are some things Americans do that just won’t fly in France.

To help you navigate the cultural differences between France and the U.S., French vlogger Antastesia made a video highlighting some important things to know if you are going to live in France.

While it might be ok to walk into a store in the U.S. and not say anything, a customer in France who doesn’t say “Bonjour” upon entering is considered rude. Not only that, but in France “the client isn’t king,” says Antastesia. “The staff will give you the service you deserve.”

Also worth noting: in France hugs are a bit too personal, but a kiss on the cheek is the perfect way to greet your friends.

Watch the video to learn more important things about French manners:



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