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(Sponsored article) What if you could study business and explore Europe at the same time? With ESCP Europe and its Bachelor in Management (BSc), it’s possible. Here’s what you should know about the world’s oldest business school (founded in 1819) and its internationally recognized BSc program that’s currently ranked #2 by Le Parisien’s 2019 rankings of business schools’ bachelor programmes.

Their mission: inspire and educate tomorrow’s international business leaders

At ESCP Europe, multiculturalism is not an option. The purpose of this school is to offer its students with an experience that will open their minds to the world. To do this, they offer:

Cross-cultural education and experience, key to international careers
– Studying and living in different countries in one integrated academic track
Professors of various nationalities
– Multinational team work

Building your network starts at school

In a globalized world where companies expand overseas and partnerships run across different time zones, having an international network becomes essential. With more than 130 academic alliances in Europe and around the world and more than 60,000 active alumni in more than 150 countries, ESCP Europe is the perfect school to start building an international network. 

Whether it’s your professor who worked at BNP Paribas for years, or your peer from Monday morning class who launched a booming startup in Sydney, be prepared to meet a lot of diverse and interesting people.

A general management program, with an intercultural twist

The Bachelor in Management (BSc) program gives you all the skills you need to succeed in any business career, whether in finance, marketing, consulting or another field.

On top of all that, you will learn disciplines beyond management. To give you a better understanding of the world in which businesses evolve, you will study subjects such as psychology, sociology and world history. You will also take language classes, in addition to core management subjects.

An internationally recognized school and diploma

ESCP Europe was founded in 1819, making it the oldest business school in the world! The school’s BSc programme is internationally recognized and is currently ranked #2 by Le Parisien’s 2019 rankings of business schools’ bachelor programmes. In the UK, the school won the Business School of the Year award by the Times Higher Education (THE) awards in 2018 – it is the first non-UK school by origin to receive this award and the first from outside the traditional “university” sector.

ESCP Europe is part of the 1% of the world’s business schools to have the triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA).

Learn more about ESCP Europe’s Bachelor in Management (BSc) here.

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