How to Stream the World Cup 2018 in the US

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In the United States, the official broadcaster of the World Cup 2018 is FoxSports. If you have cable, no problem — you can watch all the matches, commentated in English on Fox and its sports subsidiary (FSN1), and in Spanish on Telemundo.

But if you are a “cord cutter” who spurned cable in favor of streaming via Netflix, your roommate’s Hulu account, and your family’s HBO account, it gets a little complicated, but the options for viewing certainly do exist.

With an antenna

Owners of a good old antenna and a television screen are in luck: you will be able to see a large part of the matches for free by receiving over the air signals. Fox broadcasts 38 of 64 matches on its main channel, including France-Peru on June 21 (11am New York time, or 8am on the West Coast); Belgium-England on June 28 (2pm EST); and Switzerland-Serbia on June 22 (2pm EST). (See all matches below).

Telemundo will broadcast almost all the matches (56) in Spanish on its main channel, which is also available over the air in a large part of the United States, particularly in New York and California.

Streaming Services

The availability of streaming packages that make it possible to watch television everywhere has exploded in recent months. They are generally cheaper than cable and more flexible because there’s no commitment required. (A tip: all offer free trial periods from 5 days to one week.)

First option, for the matches commented in English: the World Cup-friendly package on Sling (subsidiary of Dish) for $25 per month. With this app, you can watch TV from any connected device (smart phone, tablet, computer, or connected TV).

Of course, being a fan of Les Bleusyou may want to get in on an authentic experience, for that, Sling offers a French-speaking package. For the World Cup, Sling is adding all matches with French commentary to its French package (which includes five TV5 Monde and France 24 channels). This is the best deal on the market at $15 per month (or $10 per month for a one-year commitment), not to mention a great opportunity to improve your French.

DirectTV offers in its package “Live a Little” Fox and FSN1 for $35 per month. FSN1 broadcasts the 26 matches that are not available on Fox.

Fubo costs $45 per month for 85 channels, including Fox, FS1, Telemundo, and NBC Universo. You can also use it’s cloud DVR to record matches you can’t watch live. Check here if Fox is available live streaming in your area.

Hulu with Live TV costs $40 a month and includes Fox, FS1 and Telemundo but not NBC Universo. There’s included DVR for if you miss a match live. Check here which channels are available in your area.

PlayStation Vue (usable on things besides Playstations) gives access for $40 to about 40 channels including Fox, FS1 and Telemundo. You can watch on mobile devices, record things with a cloud DVR, and watch three channels at once. Offer varies by region so check here for availability.

Recently launched and currently available in a dozen major cities, YouTube TV costs $40 per month and includes Fox, FS1, Telemundo and NBC Universo. Additionally, you can use the cloud DVR to record matches you can’t watch live. Up to six accounts can register, with up to three simultaneous streams possible.

The Complete Schedule: (hours are EST)

First Round

Thursday, June 14

11 AM – Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A), FOX

Friday, June 15

8 AM – Egypt vs Uruguay (Group A),  FS1
11 AM – Morocco vs Iran (Group B), FOX
2 PM – Portugal vs Spain (Group B), FOX

Saturday, June 16

6 AM – France vs Australia (Group C), FS1
9 AM – Argentina vs Iceland (Group D), FOX
Noon – Peru vs Denmark (Group C), FS1
3 PM – Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D), FS1

Sunday, June 17

8 AM – Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E), FOX
11 AM – Germany vs Mexico (Group F), FS1
2 PM – Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E), FS1

Monday, June 18

8 AM – Sweden vs Korea Republic (Group F), FS1
11 AM – Belgium vs Panama (Group G), FS1
2 PM – Tunisia vs England (Group G), FS1

Tuesday, June 19

8 AM – Colombia vs Japan (Group H), FS1
11 AM – Poland vs Senegal (Group H), FOX
2 PM – Russia vs Egypt (Group A), FOX

Wednesday, June 20

8 AM – Portugal vs Morocco (Group B), FS1
11 AM – Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A), FOX
2 PM – Iran vs Spain (Group B), FOX

Thursday, June 21

8 AM – Denmark vs Australia (Group C), FS1
11 AM – France vs Peru (Group C), FOX
2 PM – Argentina vs Croatia (Group D), FOX

Friday, June 22

8 AM – Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E), FS1
11 AM – Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D), FOX
2 PM – Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E), FOX

Saturday, June 23

8 AM – Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G), FOX
11 AM – Korea Republic vs Mexico (Group F), FOX
2 PM – Germany vs Sweden (Group F), FOX

Sunday, June 24

8 AM – England vs Panama (Group G), FS1
11 AM – Japan vs Senegal (Group H), FOX
2 PM – Poland vs Colombia (Group H), FOX

Monday, June 25

10 AM – Group A: Uruguay vs Russia, FOX; Saudi Arabia vs Egypt, FS1
2 PM – Group B: Iran vs Portugal, FOX; Spain vs Morocco, FS1

Tuesday, June 26

10 AM – Group C: Denmark vs France, FOX; Australia vs Peru, FS1
2 PM – Group D: Nigeria vs Argentina, FOX; Iceland vs Croatia, FS1

Wednesday, June 27

10 AM – Group F: Mexico vs Sweden, FOX; Korea Republic vs Germany, FS1
2 PM – Group E: Serbia vs Brazil, FOX; Switzerland vs Costa, FS1

Thursday, June 28

10 AM – Group H: Senegal vs Colombia, FOX; Japan vs Poland, FS1
2 PM – Group G: England vs Belgium, FOX; Panama vs Tunisia, FS1

Round of 16

Saturday, June 30

10 AM – Group C1 vs Group 2D, FOX
2 PM – Group A1 vs Group B2, FOX

Sunday, July 1

10 AM – Group B1 vs Group A2, FOX
2 PM – Group D1 vs Group C2, FOX

Monday, July 2

10 AM – Group E1 vs. Group F2, FS1
2 PM – Group G1 vs. Group H2, FOX

Tuesday, July 3

10 AM – Group F1 vs Group E2, FS1
2 PM – Group H1 vs Group G2, FOX


Friday, July 6

10 AM – Winner of A1-B2  vs winner of C1-D2, FS1
2 PM – Winner of E1-F2 vs winner of G1-H2, FS1

Saturday, July 7

10 AM – Winner of E2-F1 vs winner of G2-H1, FOX
2 PM – Winner of A2-B1 vs winner of C2-D1, FOX


Tuesday, July 10

Winner of A1-B2-C1-D2 vs winner of E1-F2-G1-H2 St. Petersburg, FOX

Wednesday, July 11

Winner of A2-B1-C2-D1 vs winner of E2-F1-G2-H1, FOX

Match for 3rd place

Saturday, July 14

10 AM, FOX


Sunday,  July 15

11 AM, FOX

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