Spain Beats Out France in 2017 Wine Production

When it comes to wine, no matter where in the world you are, the first country that comes to mind is France. The country produces so much wine that French wine is referred to not by country, but by region (and then even by château), even on the other side of the world. Bordeaux, Champagne, these are names known internationally for their quality and ubiquity.

But surprisingly, France lost out in the wine competition in 2017, at least in terms of export quantity. Though it produces an average of 27 million hectoliters of wine per year, only 15 million of that is exported (which says something about how much wine the French drink!).

Last year’s winner is Spain, which exported a whopping 22.8 million hectoliters of wine. Oddly enough, however, the average price per liter of Spanish wine is €1.25, compared to €6.278 per liter for French wine, meaning that although Spain produces more, French wine is still considered internationally to be the more valuable wine that’s worth paying the price for.