Sip and Speak French at FM’s Next Speak Easy!

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Hold on to your berets, les amis: another edition of Speak Easy is less than an week away! It’s only our second soirée of speed-dating-style-language-practice-with-wine but it’s fast becoming a tradition in New York’s francophone/francophile community.

At Speak Easy, half of participants are native French speakers and the other half are native Anglophones. French Morning takes care of partnering you up so the conversation flows from the moment you take your first cocktail.

The first half of each 14-minute encounter is in English, the second half will be in French. (That means that even if you struggle with French, you only have to do so for seven minutes at a time.) Over the course of the evening you’ll be able to speak French with five different partners, so it’s the perfect occasion to introduce yourself over and over and over without boring anyone!

Already mastered introductions at the last Speak Easy? Move on to more challenging fodder like flat shoes for women being banned from the Cannes red carpet, or that NPR story on how the French have too many vacation days.

The second Speak Easy will take place at Flute Gramercy at 40 East 20th Street from 6:30pm-8:30pm. For $29 you get a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres. Space is limited so n’hésitez pas! Reserve now!

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