Shailene Woodley Talks Living In France

“Oh yeah, rosé is like water in France, you know, you just drink it like water.”

Apparently Shailene Woodley’s been needing a glass of something to help cope with the new season of Big Little Lies. The HBO star’s interview on The Ellen Show covers Woodley’s life living out of a suitcase (starting at about 1m15s). But that suitcase must be Louis Vuitton, because the American actress has spent the past two years living in Bordeaux and Paris, slowing things down a little and stopping to smell the rosé (at 11 a.m., no less). Woodley claims to not speak French (though in another interview she admits to knowing only “really nasty things” in the Romance language), but she’s certainly been enjoying the lifestyle and the relaxed pace of European life.


Woodley is by no means the first American celebrity to have settled in across the Atlantic. Check out Frenchly’s list of famous expats who made France their home.