After Semi-finals Victory, French Fans in Paris Cannot Keep it Together

All good things must come to an end.

No, France isn’t suddenly out of the World Cup for some obscure reason like getting into a fight with fire extinguishers after a night out at the clubs (true). French supporters in Paris were having a grand old time celebrating Les Bleus’ victory over Belgium, when things went south. Overeager celebrators threw flares and other projectiles at the French riot police, who responded by setting off teargas to disperse the crowds. Cars windows were smashed, street fixtures destroyed, and litter strewn everywhere.

Not everyone can be blamed though. There were plenty of excited French fans singing “La Marseillaise” and chanting “Allez les bleus!” After a few years full of divisive politics — nationalist vs. pro-European, Macron vs. Le Pen, socialists vs. En Marche, change vs. tradition, sexual harassment vs. ability to bother — France’s victories have been a moment for coming together as one nation under soccer.