Where to See the Results of the 2019 Green Card Lottery


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For non-United States citizens around the globe with dreams of coming to the US, D-Day has arrived. On Tuesday, May 15, the 2019 green card lottery (aka the Diversity Visa) delivers its results. (The period for submission was October 18 to November 22, 2017.) To find out if you have been selected, log on starting at noon (EST) to the lottery site, which is managed by the State Department (Bureau of Consular Affairs). To anyone with their fingers crossed hoping for one of these rare visas, beware of scams: this is the only site where the results are available.

To connect, you will need to have the confirmation number you got when you submitted your application on the lottery site in the fall. Selected and non-selected persons will not be notified by e-mail or mail, you must log in online to check the status of your green card application.

More than 100,000 people are selected through the lottery each year, but only about 50,000 get the famous green card, synonymous with permanent residence. The difference can be explained in particular by the number of candidates who abandon the process and the delays in processing files by the administration.

Winners of the DV-2019 lottery will be eligible to migrate to the US starting in January 2019, providing they pass the mandatory interviews at the US embassies around the world.

Note: The other way Americans discuss green cards is in reference to a green card marriage, but this is the diversity visa, which you do not have to enter if you’re marrying an American citizen.

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