The Secret to French Style According to Lola Rykiel

For Women’s History Month, let’s take a trip down fashion memory lane.

Fashion, though it has been gendered as a typically “female” enterprise, is also a place where many women have become empowered to make a wider impact on the world.

One of these empowered women is Lola Rykiel, the granddaughter of the fashion legend, French designer Sonia Rykiel.

Sonia began a fashion movement that showed women how to express their true selves through clothing, without being constrained to style rules. She made the original women’s fitted sweater called the “poor boy’s sweater” (it’s like the modern day J. Crew sweater), and encourage women to be loud and proud by being one of the first designers to put words on clothes. Much of French fashion has followed in her foot steps, which is probably why French women always look amazing.

In this video, Lola discusses her life of being basically fashion royalty, following in her grandmother’s footsteps, and what it’s like to be part of a female fashion empire.

“For me, woman equals power,” said Lola.

Watch the video:


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