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It’s a website dedicated to all things franco, but that hasn’t stopped French Morning from going bilingual. On Tuesday evening, some 150 people gathered at the Maison de la région Languedoc-Roussillon in Manhattan to officially launch the English version of the site. French Ambassador François Delattre travelled from Washington for the event to “support this wonderful project,“ and hailed a team that “reminds us that ‘entrepreneur’ is indeed a French word!“

Founded in 2007, the original site targets French expats living in the US with 5 versions based around the country in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas, and Miami. French Morning in English, which is geared towards American francophiles, will make the sixth version.

“The need for an English site became more and more obvious,” said the creator of the site Emmanuel Saint-Martin. “There is a francophile community that is no longer restricted to French speakers. It’s a community of people who are interested in France, who regularly travel there, and who want to have French experiences here in the US.”

French Morning in English will include articles from the French site translated into English, as well as original pieces. Discover it here, and sign up for our newsletter in English!

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