Rio 2016: France Equestrian Team Wins Gold

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The Olympics are in full swing and for France, the gold medals are beginning to add up.

Among the first of France’s gold medal wins in the Rio 2016 Olympics came from their equestrian team who won gold in the Eventing competition, beating Great Britain who has held the gold in this event since 1996.

Equestrian eventing is basically what amounts to an equestrian triathlon. Composed of three events, eventing shows how good the entire equestrian team is both on the horse, doing jumps and going through obstacles. Teams compete in dressage, cross-country and fence jumping competitions.

In the past, Great Britain has always done extremely well in this event, but this year they had several penalties during the cross-country competition, allowing France to defeat them and win the gold.

Learn more about France’s victory in this video:


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