Rick Steves Shares His Love of Paris

In a video that is just a little over a minute long, travel expert Rick Steves manages to make us all jealous with a short tour of a Parisian street. What’s so great about the clip (after we get past his face) is that you feel like you’re right there, walking through the crowds.

“I’m just walking over to the Picasso museum and it struck me, this is an amazing city!” exclaims Steves, panning around with his phone camera to show the quotidian life on the Parisian street.


(Yeah, that’s great, Rick. Have fun at the Picasso museum while the rest of us who aren’t professional travel experts work like regular people in regular offices. Enjoy that sunny Parisian day.)

All joking aside, in the short video, Steves shows some truly quintessential Parisian sights. The gorgeous architecture, the Métro stop, the people sitting and smoking at an outdoor cafe… It’s enough to make you start planning your next vacation. (Or to make you start figuring out what it would take to be a travel guide like Rick Steves!)