Restaurant Review: Filakia

Photo via Filakia

Around the lively pedestrian rue Montorgueil, gourmet options abound for hungry strollers: Frenchie’s To Go has the area covered as far as American sandwiches go, pizza is always at a stone’s throw, as is good cheese for a last-minute snack. When a Mediterranean spice craving hits, there is a newcomer worth stopping for: Filakia.

Move over, high-end kebabs, your cousin souvlaki is in the house. Souvlaki is a traditional Greek sandwich in which grilled meat and vegetables are wrapped in warm, pillow-soft pita bread and topped with various sauces, depending on the meat. The Greek see it as a fast food option of sorts, explaining its appeal in Paris amidst a full-blown street-food craze. At Filakia, souvlaki is taken to the next level, making it a destination in and of itself.

The founders are alumni of Cyril Lignac’s Le Quinzieme and Le Chardenoux, and both have had stints in some of France’s most impressive kitchens. Their expertise, together with the apparent simplicity of souvlaki, lead to creative dishes filled to the (pita) brim with taste.

Filakia’s chefs revisit the classics and then some. Roast pork with sage or ground beef with cumin play it safe, with limited-edition flavors like Greek pulled pork going a little wilder. Don’t feel bad about eating Greek when you’re visiting Paris: this is grec à la parisienne. Count on Filakia to infuse your souvlaki with a little je ne sais quoi.

9 rue Mandar
Métro Sentier, Étienne Marcel, Châtelet
Paris 2nd

Open Monday to Friday 11:30am-3:00pm and 6:30-10:30pm, Saturday 11:30am-10:30pm

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