[Replay] The benefits of bilingualism: how multilingualism sets up students for life


Earlier this week, we hosted a webinar on the benefits of multilingualism in education, and talked about how it improves both students’ professional and personal lives.

You can rewatch the webinar above or directly on Frenchly’s YouTube channel.

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Contact our speakers

Mireille Rabaté
Head of School at Lycée International Winston Churchill

Contact Mireille at : [email protected]
Contact Lycée International Winston Churchill to ask about admissions at : [email protected]

Maaike Kaandorp
IBDP Coordinator / History and ToK teacher at Lycée International Winston Churchill

Email : [email protected]

Tom Faure
Dean of Students / OIB English Teacher at FASNY, the French American School of New York

Email Tom with questions and remarks on bilingual education and its benefits : tfaure@fasny.org
Email FASNY directly to learn more about the school itself : [email protected]

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