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Gel Douche Mimosa - Le Petit Marseillais

Shower Gel (mimosa-scented)

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Product Description

The Persian silk tree (a.k.a. the mimosa tree!) is a bright spot on the horizon during winters in Provence. Its branches are carefully harvested (with a level of precision that should be considered artisanal) in order to extract the essence of its flowers, which can then be infused into Le Petit Marseillais’ Gel Douche Mimosa.

With a neutral pH so as not to irritate your skin, gel douche mimosa is a smooth soap, easy to suds on and rinse off. This shower gel leaves your skin with a refreshing scent, all while hydrating from head to toe.

Le Petit Marseillais is a famous French brand known around the world as a leader in the soap and toiletries market, thanks to their dedication to creating quality products.

Product of France

Volume: 8.5 fl. oz (25cl)

Additional Information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 6 x 2 in
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