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Rillettes de saumon - Les Mouettes d'Arvor

Salmon Rillettes

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Rillettes de saumon is the perfect accent to Frenchify any hors d’œuvre or happy hour. For those unfamiliar with rillette, it’s a paste, a bit like a pâté with a salmon base. This specialty originates in Concarneau in the region of Bretagne. The recipe was thought up by Jacques Gonidec, founder of the Mouettes d’Arvor brand.

Made by Les Mouettes d’Arvor, this family business based in Bretagne makes most of their business revenue thanks to their direct sales, made directly with the cannery. For more than 50 years, Les Mouettes d’Arvor have exemplified what it means to have a savoir-faire and a high quality product. Inheritors of the tradition concarnoise, the brand works to create exclusive recipes for products distinct to the professional craftsman of authentic French flavors.

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