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Chocolat en poudre - Banania

Powdered Chocolate Mix

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Product Description

Pop open the container, spoon a few scoops into you milk, stir it up, et voilà! Banania’s chocolat en poudre will probably remind you of being a child and drinking Nesquik—for the French it’s just like that! Giving your beverages just a hint of chocolate flavoring, or loaded up to be a full-on chocolate drink, served cold or hot, this powdered chocolate mix is ideal for breakfast or a snack.

Since 1914 when Pierre Francois-Lardet created this product, it’s been a staple add-in for every generation. You’ll be surprised to know that this delicious mix actually has nutritional value, so drink as much as you want to feel energized for the rest of the day.

Net weight: (400g)

Additional Information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 8 in
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