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Pork Rillettes

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Sliced onto sandwiches or smeared onto toasts for an apéro, Henaff’s rillettes de porc will have you drooling in a way that madeleines never did. The flavors are so intense and rich, you need salt, spices, bread, or cornichons to balance it out. What makes it so delicious is the traditional method of preparation: once the pieces of meat have been minced and salted, they’re cooked slowly at low temperatures just until they reach perfect tenderness.

Hénaff’s rillettes de porc are the only French rillettes approved by the USDA. All pork used is guaranteed made without hormones and antibiotics. The exact recipe is a secret, but the ingredients are pork, salt, and pepper.

We suggest serving your rillettes de porc at room temperature so the flavors can be fully appreciated.

Net weight: 4.5oz (127g)

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