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Liver Confit Pâté with Black Pepper

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Product Description

You were horrified the first time you tried it: “Paté? What’s in pâté? Oh, wow, really?” But ever since your first tentative bite, you’ve been hooked. Admit it, what would go perfectly with some nice , a glass of red, and a baguette? Paté.

Hénaff’s pâté de foie confit au poivre noir should be consumed at room temperature with some wine, some fresh fruit, a well-laid cheese platter, and a soft baguette. (Though even just a piece of bread will do in a pinch!)

Your pâté de foie confit will arrive resting on a thin layer of fat, but don’t panic, that’s normal. It’s that little bed of lipids that makes the pâté so rich and delicious.

Ingredients: pork, pig’s liver, Cognac, salt, black pepper (0.7%), spices

Product of France

Net weight: 3.2oz (90g) – comes in a glass jar

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2 in
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