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Herbes de Provence

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Product Description

Herbes de Provence can be used to brighten up just about any dish and add southern France flavors. In this mix is a combination of basil, summer savory, fennel, thyme, and lavender. These aromatic herbs are perfect for adding flavor to grilled meats, sauces, stews, rotisseries, fish, pastas, and any dish with a tomato base. Could it be any more versatile?

We give you a Frenchly promise that with these herbes de provence, you’ll make a dish that’s guaranteed to please. All you need are a few sprinkles and shakes of this magical natural mixture, and the meal goes from bland to flavored-by-France in an instant. Herbes de provence can be added before, while, or after you cook.

These spices are sold in a reusable ceramic pot.

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