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Foie Gras

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Ah, foie gras, the penultimate symbol of gastronomy in France. An appreciation for foie gras indicates the ultimate refined palate.

Rougié brand’s foie gras brings a real taste of France straight from l’hexagone to your dinner plate. Their foie gras goes perfectly on crostini and other thin toasted breads, or just a plain old delicious baguette. It’s a low-effort treat that’s sure to please.

Foie gras should be served slightly chilled so as to taste fresh but still keep the flavors prominent. Don’t forget to put it in the refrigerator for best preservation once it’s been opened.

Rougié was founded in the South of France in 1875. The brand quickly became a leader in the production of foie gras and all specialties related to duck, both in France and Canada.

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