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Anise Syrup (non-alcoholic)

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Product Description

Teisseire’s flavored syrup of concentrated anise is the South of France in a bottle. A splash of this syrup will give all your drinks and desserts a springy pop of sweetness.

Feel like a Pastis without alcohol? Add seven parts water to one part sirop d’anis, and you have a low-calorie Pastis! But you can do better: add the sirop d’anis to milk, tea, or even a shot of espresso! Ice cream or sorbet with a bit of anise are equally delicious.

This syrup dilutes in liquid, flavoring any beverage with a refreshing anise flavor. It’s made with 45% real fruit, carefully selected for quality and freshness. All ingredients are natural, with no preservatives or artificial coloring added.

The Teisseire brand speaks for itself as the leading maker of flavored syrups in France. Their sirop à l’anis is an original product, shipped directly from France to you.

Volume: 600ml

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Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 10 x 3 in
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