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Crispy Bretagne-style Crêpes (plain)

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The crêpe dentelles was born in 1886 in Quimper by accident. Forgotten in the hot skillet, the crêpe was too burned to be eaten. But at the time, nothing was to be thrown out—that was a waste! The cook, Marie-Catherine Cornic, had an idea for how to save it. She rolled up the burnt crêpe, and froze it. When she determined the crêpe was frozen enough, she removed it from the cold to find that it had become crispy, light, and fantastically different from the crêpes we usually eat.

The crêpe dentelle recipe was born in the most authentic way, branded in 1920 by the Gavottes group, and has continued on since.

These crêpes contain no artificial coloring or preservatives, and no palm oil or genetically modified organisms.

There’s also a dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and vanilla version of the crêpes dentelles Gavottes nature, which are all available for purchase in the Membership List.
Product of France

Net weight: 4.4oz (125g)

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