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Crème Brûlée Mix

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Product Description

If we said you could make an excellent crème brûlée with three ingredients in ten minutes, you wouldn’t believe us. Prepare to be amazed by Alsa, the French brand making last minute pastry dreams come true. The caramel top is brûlée, and the crème is smooth and creamy.

So how do you make the magic happen? Take Alsa’s crème brûlée mix, and add 6.7 fl. oz of cream and milk each. Heat it in the over for two minutes in a casserole dish. Voilà! Perfect crème brûlée! Before serving it, put it in the over for two minutes on broil with the door open—that adds the beloved caramel crust to the top.

Each box contains two packets that make 8 servings of crème brûlée each.

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