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Préparation flan au chocolat - Alsa

Chocolate Flan Mix

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Product Description

Americans may have a few flan mixes, but we can’t forget: Flan originates in Europe, and they make it better. So when the French brand Alsa presents the chance to make a better, faster, chocolate flan, every Francophile should take advantage of the opportunity!

Simply add 2 cups of milk to this chocolate flan mix, and you’ll have enough batter to fill 5 ramekins, and be ready to refrigerate. Wait an hour and a half while they chill, and just like that, dessert is served! With hardly any effort on your part, you’ll have impressed your friends, family, and maybe even your hard-to-please kids.

Alsa is an iconic brand in France. It’s the partner of many of the best pâtissiers in France, and proves its prowess with the debut of each new product.

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Net weight : 6.8oz (192g)

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Dimensions 6 x 8 x 2 in
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