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Garlic and Parsley Bruschetta

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Stop for a moment to imagine a dinner party at your home. Picture the hors d’oeuvres: the tiny toasts carrying the tapenade vert, tapenade noir, and tapenade de tomates séchées, or perhaps an eggplant or artichoke dip like caviar d’artichaut… such valuable delicacies require a trustworthy vehicle to transport them to your mouth. For the tastiest and sturdiest kind of toast, try Bruschetta à garlic et au persil by Brioche Pasquier.

Crusty, crunchy, and savory, these bruschettas go perfectly with any of the aforementioned essential French hors d’oeuvres topping (all of which are available for purchase in Frenchly’s Le Marché). The garlic and parsley accents the toast well without overwhelming the flavors of the accompanying spread.

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