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Sauce bourguignonne – Bénédicta

Bourguigonne Sauce

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Product Description

Sauce bourguignonne possesses all the qualities that make a sauce truly French: a specific regional origin story, widespread use across the whole country, and its creation is born from centuries of traditional gastronomy.

This bourguignonne sauce smells like a mixture of tomato sauce and Bourgogne wine. Grilled meats and meat fondue are both delicious with a side of sauce bourguignonne.

There’s really no good equivalent to sauce bourguigonne in the United States, especially not of a quality comparable to Bénédicta’s. A French brand, Bénédicta built their reputation as a leader in the sauces market by selling French cuisine staples such as béarnaise and aïoli sauce (both are available for purchase in Le Marché).

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