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Police Respond to Rap Video In Progress

A large building

A Carrefour in Pontault-Combault was the scene of a robbery on Wednesday, and the local police responded as one would expect, arriving on the scene quickly only to discover that the whole thing was staged for a rap video.

A witness told Le Parisien that things started off well enough, even though the amateur auteurs were driving cars in a restricted area and hadn’t (as it turned out) gotten permission to make their video. “They were noisy, but they didn’t bother anyone,” the witness said.

Of course, when production budgets are low, the arrival of such high-value visual effects as real-life cops on set presented an opportunity to bring a little vérité to the shoot. So the kids starting throwing things at the police, which raised the stakes from “Pontault-Combault” to “Baghdad,” according to Le Parisien’s witness.

The police fired non-lethal Flash-Balls™ to control the crowd of some sixty youths and ended up questioning fifteen of them after calm had been restored. In the end, only one person—a 24-year-old parolee—was arrested. Authorities did not comment on whether or not the video turned out to be dope.

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