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Planning a trip to France? Let help you out. is a Miami-based tourism website intended for Americans who wish to visit France. France is, of course, the world’s most popular vacation destination- and will help you have a seamless visit.

The website was created by Frenchman Jean-Noël Frydman back in ’94. As the creator of one of the first online French travel sites, Frydman was able to snag the simple website name that other entrepreneurs could only dream of! Nowadays, if you type “France” into Google, is right on the first page. “I get people calling me to ask if they can buy the name, and agencies asking me to advertise on my site,” he says. “But I don’t think I need to sell anything.” remains his website and his success story. He does business with traveling Americans, as well as French hotels and travel agencies. Customers can reserve hotels, tours, and special visits, all at low prices. The website features tours of destination such as Paris, Normandy, the Loire Valley, and wine regions.

“Your perfect trip to France starts here,” says the website. The current top travel packages include the “2-Day Burgundy Culture and Wine” package, the “Paris Honeymoon Package,” and the “D-Day Beaches from Caen” package. The website includes beautiful photography and detailed information, so you can plan your perfect trip.

When Frydman arrived in the United States in 1982 at the age of 19, he was excited about the prospect of using the internet for his business. “My idea was to create an internet server that would be a kiosk of information about France for people in the U.S.,” he explains- and his website has certainly achieved that.

“We’ve scoured all over France to bring you a selection of the best sightseeing and overnight tours, cooking classes and wine tours,” says the website. It’s your one-stop-shop for trip planning! The site also includes a blog section with articles discussing current events and French culture.

If you’re planning a voyage to France, be sure to stop by for expert trip planning and advice.

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