‘Plan Your Move Abroad’ with New Course from Expat YouTuber Tiffanie Davis

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We’ve all scrolled through the page of some Frenchfluencer on Instagram and thought, I could totally see myself living in a cottage in Provence. Or had late night talks with friends talking through how we would visit each other if one of us went to grad school in London while the other took a nanny job in Prague. Or even trolled long-term Airbnbs in Greece during the long-term cold of a Northeast winter.

Move abroad fantasies have become more deliciously realistic the more global our society grows. But you might still need a big push to go through with one. That’s where Tiffanie Davis comes in. The Boston native has built up a reputation over the last few years on YouTube, where she talks about living abroad in Paris, and the various challenges and perks of making the big move. But today, Davis is launching a full-fledged how-to course on moving abroad.

The Get Over Your Ishh & Plan Your Move Abroad! course is a personalized training program made to help you figure out what you want, and how to get it. Through four modules, Davis will take you step by step through the development of your move abroad plan. Video lessons are paired with a fillable workbook to help you get through the steps of choosing your ideal destination (based on factors like cost of living, language, and even climate), and creating a timeline, budget, and roadmap. “I envision a world where no one is afraid to put themselves first,” says Davis. “And if afraid, they do it anyways! If you’re ready to explore your potential, expand your network and place your roots in a new country… I’m your girl!”

Tiffanie Davis in Paris

The course is geared towards ambitious millennials who are ready for their next life challenge (though Davis insists that it’s never to early or late in life to consider moving overseas). Start to finish, the course runs about 45 minutes, but will take you 4-6 hours to complete all of the exercises. Davis recommends giving yourself at least a year to plan, though in some cases six months might be enough if you have the right job or program lined up.

The course includes a variety of resources for everything from budgeting cost of living to helping you sort out your visa situation, as well as sources for volunteering, employment, and education prospects. It’ll ask you to think critically about what you need out of your voyage. Would you be making more or less in the same career in a different country? Even if it’s your ideal place to live, how accessible and affordable would it be for you to fly home for Christmas? These details can be critical, as they might make the difference between staring at a filtered photo online, and being the one taking it.

The course costs $347, but is available for a discounted price of $297 for the first ten days of the launch. So if you’re daydreaming about spending next summer in Bali, enroll now, and don’t miss your shot for the move of a lifetime.

“Moving to Paris completely changed my life,” Davis explains. “It opened the door to a world full of opportunities that would have never been presented if I had stayed in my comfort zone. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, and with this course I’m excited to open the door for others to do the same!”

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