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Picnic in This Abandoned WWII Bunker in Paris

A person standing in front of a lit up city at night

A new nightlife craze has taken over Paris, and whatever you’re thinking it is, it’s about ten times cooler.

An underground party planning organization called We Are The Oracle has spent the last couple of years building a reputation as one of the most unique groups of its kind in Paris and around the world. Founded by entrepreneur and creative genius Foulques Jubert, the group puts on events like masquerade balls in the catacombs of Paris and circus-themed extravaganzas in opera houses.

In this latest video by MessyNessyChic, your guide to everything cool and non-touristy in Paris, Vanessa “Nessy” Grall meets up with Jubert for a very unusual kind of picnic. The gang treks through forests just outside of Paris into a hidden surprise—a Nazi bunker abandoned after World War II, complete with an entire underground train station never built to completion.

When it comes to Nessy, you never know what kind of Parisian adventure you’re going to get. But it will always be an incredible one.

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