#PFW Street Style

Paris Fashion Week, i.e. the most glamorous week of the year, has come to a close leaving us all inspired with the latest, most innovative designs.

Silky fabrics, dainty lace florals, and feminine vibes were happening this week on the runway. But even the most fashionable of fashionistas will admit that runway styles can be intimidating. And too cold for the current climate. So, we look to street style for inspiration: What are the people who go to Paris Fashion Week wearing?


The answer is comforting– in the cold weather, Fashion Week goers layered up in fuzzy sweaters, fur coats, the puffiest of all puffy jackets, boots of all length, cute hats and cuter gloves. This is no time for strappy high heels and short skirts, and thank god nobody was wearing that! Now we have inspiration on how to not only stay warm, but look ok while doing it (because nobody likes to look like a marshmallow, no matter how warm it is).

Check out some of the street style looks: