WATCH: Having Your Period in 18th Century France

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Cultures throughout the world have different traditions and myths surrounding female menstruation. While some believe periods are a time of impurity, in which women need to be cut off from society, others believe that it is a time to celebrate fertility and the female body.

In 18th Century France, it was believed that the smell of menstruation was a seductive scent, indicating a woman’s fertility.

The French were on to something there. Studies have shown that there actually are attraction pheromones that are related to a woman’s monthly cycle. However, instead of women being more attractive to men during their period, they are actually more attractive a little bit before their period, during ovulation.

To help end the stigma that still surrounds menstruation today, the YouTube channel Period Piece Official has been making comedy videos about women in different periods of history on their period.

Travel back in time in this hilarious video as an 18th Century French woman tries to find the perfect Eau d’Aunt Flo:


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