How To Make a Picnic-Perfect Salade Nicoise

A plate of food

Sometimes it’s just too hot out to turn the oven on. Those are the days when a fresh summer salad makes for the most delicious lunch or dinner. So this summer, why not learn how to make a classic: the salade nicoise.

The salade nicoise comes from the southern region of France, specifically in Nice, a place where the most common food people eat is fresh vegetables and fish.

Imagine gathering fresh vegetables and ingredients from the markets in Nice and eating a salad composed of tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, capers, French beans, lemon juice and more in the summer sun of Nice, with a breeze blowing off the Mediterranean. Sounds like heaven.

While making the salade nicoise won’t exactly bring the Mediterranean beaches to your doorstep, it can still help you keep cool and healthy this summer. The rest you’ll have to leave to your imagination.

Learn how to make salade nicoise in this video:


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